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Monthly Most Posts Contest



We've started Monthly Most Posts Contest. In fact, the contest was started a month ago (January, 2012) even you weren't aware of it ;)

So, here how it works:

- The winner is a member that creates the most forum posts during a month.


- All that females want ;) For now, we'll choose gifts, but later when the contest become more serious, we'll contact winners and ask about their wishes.


- You need to create at least 200 topics/posts per month to be qualified for a prize (it is not too hard, it's just 5-7 per day)
- Content has to be meaningful. Please, avoid topics like "How do you do?" or similar, without any sense. Advice: Create content and topics you're interested in.
- The contest is not a lottery. Your prize depends only on you and your activities on the portal. If you create the most topics you'll win for sure!

Later, we'll organize other contests, e.g. for the best topics and articles, most visited content, social network activities, the best photos maybe, we'll see…

Happy posting and stay with us!
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