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Quick styling tips

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Look like you just left the salon everyday

I don't know about you, but I always love how my hair looks when I leave the salon. Then I think oh I can do this all it is, is that round brush and blow dryer. Huh ya right huh.. You can do it though, it just takes some practice and finding the right positioning for your hand and blow dryer. I round brush my hair everyday almost, unless I am trying to look fancy, so I can give you the run down on it, since this is one question I get asked a lot on how to?

After towel drying your hair, let it dry a tad more (if time doesn't allow it, that is fine to)
Although do not let your hair get to dry or you will not get the volume you are probably looking for.

Before Combing your hair (yes combing because if you put a brush through wet hair its amazing how much breakage you get) put some cream of some kind to protect your hair from the heat of the blow dryer, you may want to use a root lifter if you are going for a lot of volume. ( some good product are Big Sexy Hair, and also the Great Clips brand product and I also like to use Amplify)

Section out your hair, clip up the remaining hair, depending on your hair, don't make the section bigger than the brush you are using.

As you are using your brush go from the top down then unravel hair from brush ( this is where many get their hair tangled ) then restart, start on the next section, working your way from the nape of your hair to the crown/top, this is where the volume comes in, so you might want to take less hair in each section for that volume.

After all done, if you want extra big hair, then use hairspray and tease, also you can use a light moose before blow drying to make the style more defined.

Good luck and happy hairstyling, and don't give up once you get it down it becomes easier and easier as well as faster.

Any questions about hair, I am a master stylist so I can answer them. :thumbs:

Nothing is impossible. Dream Big.:$
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