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5 Signs you are dating a loser!


We have all done it. Dated a loser. A guy that will never grow up, or a guy that puts you down. A guy with no job, ever, and every excuse why he does not have one. There is nothing wrong with that. Just in case you are not sure here are a few tips to help you recognize when you are dating a loser.

1. Your always the problem or your selfish for having a problem with their behavior.
Yep, your dating a loser. It may be one thing if you are picking on the person every day for things that don’t really matter like leaving a drawer open or something equally ridiculous. However, if the things you are bringing up are real issues like, lies you have caught them in, the way they talk to you on a regular basis, etc, and they get upset and tell you your are selfish or are only concerned about your feelings, then you are dating a loser.
There is nothing wrong, or bad, or selfish about addressing issues that really matter in a relationship. My advice, run. Far.

2. They think it is okay to leave out details or lie, you know a white lie.
Sorry, a lie is a lie. I should not matter if is white, blue, green, or some weird combination of colors. If they lie then you need to think if that is what you want from your partner. Either people believe in lying and not being honest or they don’t. I don’t know many people that are in between on the idea of it is okay to lie.  Save your self the heart ache and ditch the loser.  In the end they will do and say whatever they think they need to and that is not what sound moral character is based on.
3. They change depending on the atmosphere.
I once dated the master of disguise. In public our friends thought this person was the ultimate boyfriend, around family they actually were the greatest person I knew, but in private this person was a walking anger management session waiting to happen. From put downs, to actual yelling, there was no telling who I would see on a day to day basis. So make sure the person is consistent. Unless you are a fan of Jekyll and Hyde say bye bye… to all of their personalities.

4. They always have a wondering eye.
This may not make them a loser but it will make it harder to deal with anything. Looking once is a while for a second is fine. Looking and not touching when your not around is even not that bad. However, when a guy loses all concentration right in front of you because he just saw another set of boobs. Beware. This guy is no where near ready to be ina  relationship and chances are this will lead to no where.

5. They always want more from you and it typically involves your wallet.
Yes, this is a loser. I once dated a person for a long time and we ended up moving in together. I had no idea that I would have to work so hard just to be acknowledged. I was constinatly being told I was not doing enough or paying for enough and whatever situation we had, it would quickly chnage after a few months. Before I could call bullshit. I was working two jobs while they worked one and I was being told that I also needed to help with the house, cook dinner more often and pay half of every outing. After a while I realized I was working my ass off, literally, to make this one lazy ass person happy. Needless to say, I got tired and I gave them the boot.

Now like I said before this is just a few signs, and I think we all know that there are few more that we could all throw in there. And please do, the more warning signs the better. I am not saying that you will ever find anyone that is perfect but at least if you have some basic things you just wont stand for the bad stuff will not be that bad.
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