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Hand pump or motorized one?


Hi everyone,

i posted in a recent discussion and got the advice to invest in a Medela Freestyle pump (thank you ladies). However, i tried a Phillips Avent motorized and compared to the Medela hand pump it was not good at all (didn't get as much milk out, control pump was ok, but second one wasn't sucking as much). Now I'm back at work and using a single Medela hand pump. I get about 100-110ml per breast (3-3.5oz) and spend 20min in total, plus it's easy to wash it and I dont' have to carry anything extra or worry about batteries or power outlets….

My baby is 3.5months right now and I want to breastfeed exclusively as long as possible. Could you tell me your experience. I don't know if I should buy an expensive motorized pump and if it will really help me get more milk out per session. Am I missing out? What if I buy an expensive one and get the same amount of milk as I get now?

Thank you for replying
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